Word Laws

FORMER JUDGE MOISES deep mystery is given to the ancients, who were fully aware, they appreciate that their primitive laws, no prints were the result of psychological suggestion in their celebrations, and this does not pose any difficulty, if aceptaa in principle, God did not conduct a second building and influenced by external impressions, and if holy ideas, evident, clear and precise developed under its infinite perfection. Once the existing building in the mind of God, delivered his powerful word, this is Christ Jesus, on the principle that the Word was with God, by the power of his words and the power of his holy spirit, I give to nature mechanical and physical laws determined. This is the universe and its matter.

To us gave us consciousness, which has its mechanical laws and moral laws of truth and opinion, for this reason God will judge us, we form institutions which are social contracts is that human conventions. Jethro Moses’ father-reveal a great mystery of government and monarch commanded Moses to Israel, so that the latter gobernace to Israel with democracy and benevolence, saying, moises hear my voice now, I will give thee counsel, and God is with you thou for the people before God. And put your questions to God. And it teaches them aa ordinances and laws, and show them the path that must go, and what they do. Also choose your out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness, and put them on he judges people by the thousands..