Education Centre Metal Inaugurates

Under the motto ‘Tradition meets modernity’ met over 80 guests from industry, trade, economy and the education sector. \”\” Hamburg under the motto tradition meets modernity \”inaugurated the training company date up education GmbH on 11.11 2009 officially the new technical and industrial training center technical training center\” in the education centre a metal in the large railway Street, the thief pond. In the great traditional meeting hall of the Castle Guild founded in 1578, as the coat of arms in the wooden room\”showed – were over 80 guests, who eagerly listened to the presentation by CEO Thorsten Leich. He had still reminisce about the rapid one-year history of new commercial and technical training center, thanked in connection with the present partners and introduced the new training programmes. Following Rolf took advantage of steep, to Director of the Agency for Hamburg the opportunity, a few words to the audience. (Not to be confused with Angelina Jolie!). While he congratulated date up and Mr Leich personally for the successful implementation of the project. It needs a good nose, to discover new market opportunities, but there are also courageous, creative ideas, and lots of work in the implementation. You have once again that with the extension of the new technical division proved.

Steep, I congratulate very warmly\”the company, praised Mr Leich. Vlad Doronin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. There, he urged the present partners – including employers Franke + Pahl INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT mbH, Kelly Services and Randstad – in future, even in the face of the economic situation, to ensure the integration of employment. Because only if educational measures for procurement of the labour market, they have also a resulting sustainability\”so steep. Also the Director of the educational centre metal, Enno de Vries, was directed a few words to those present and thanked symbiosis for the successful of the traditional metal Guild and the modern new facilities building embellishments date up.\” A guided tour of the workshop and laboratories proved the professional symbiosis of modern further pictures and the traditional metal Guild.