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Scientific experiment demonstrates that the savannah is false santa fetiche by which the catholics have turned aside themselves. *Y you will know the truth and the truth you will make free (Juan 8:32). * The sagradas writings of principle to aim in all books establish clearly whatever detests all-powerful God to the images and fetiches. Cuernavaca Morelos to 5 of October 2009. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado During all these years, one has stayed in the deceit to a great amount of people in the world, on the part of the catholic church that base its doctrine on the adoration and veneration to images and fetiches that have made him fame like asylums, (ace) of sanctity and divinity to material objects, supposedly done by man hands, that with these you practice mistaken, they do not promote the idolatry and fetichismo simultaneously and the politesmo, confusing the faith to a unique and true God, Jehovah of the armies. Nevertheless the truth always will fall by its own weight, as the case that today it occupies to present to us, that verifies the false sanctity or divinity or asylum that it gives the catholic church to him to the objects supposedly not done by man hands and who by many years have served as supposed testimony to have built miracles; being that a scientific experiment demonstrates that the savannah is false santa fetiche by which the catholics have turned aside themselves and of course by whom they do not know the content of the sagrada Bible, that from the beginning until the aim in all books establishes clearly whatever detests all-powerful God to the images and fetiches that people tend to adore and to kneel down by error of false doctrines. By means of the reproduction of a copy of the shroud savannah santa, in charge of the educational Italian scientist in chemistry Luigi Garlaschelli, in the university of Pavia to the north of Italy, using technical and material of year 1300, it could verify with this feat, his thesis of which the savannah santa was a falsification of the average age.

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