Motor Business Retailers

" However, despite all the advantages of outsourcing, many retailers are seeking to organize its motor business. Causes create your own ATP is not always an economic one. "In the West, widespread outsourcing. As for us traders tend to be autonomous and no one could depend. This is especially the Russian character and Russian business. Domestic retailers are not yet accustomed to the fact that in Russia, someone can provide quality services and continue to live on a "DIY", says Roman Rodyukov.

Meanwhile, the Western trade networks, by contrast, are trying to give this work into the hands of partners. For example, a hypermarket materials Castorama (owned by British group Kingfisher), when entering the market of St. Petersburg, concentrating all its energies and resources on core activities, gave the delivery of goods at home partner – ATL Northwest. Under this project ATL purchased leased vehicles "Gazel" and Renault Kangoo, has picked up additional staff. In fact, for buyers hypermarket employees ATL is part of Castorama. This point is especially stressed Valery Maltsev: "In Vladivostok, we, for example, cater to a large network of household appliance stores. Moreover, its customers and have no representation that the goods they deliver another company. If the customer chooses, we dress the staff in the corporate form.

Thus, the company gets in our ability to delivery, providing services on its behalf. " According to Valery Maltsev, such a scheme beneficial to both sides: serving several companies, 050 service orders "can provide a maximum load of staff, and has thus reduce the costs and the cost of their services that will benefit customer. Effective organization of transport service for the trading company – one of the most important issues. Indeed, the only way to provide an additional level of service, as well as prevent the extinction of the "most running "position of the goods in the" rush hour ". And on what exactly "outperform" competitors – his motor vehicle or machinery partners – to address each manager, based on the logic of their own business.


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