Natural Environment

However the aohumana can be so voracious and to place at risk or to provoke the extinguishing of algumaespcie of coconut palm. potentialities of the environment are simultaneamenteamplas and at the same time they point with respect to great limitations. Noseremos the first ones to affirm that the man depends on the nature, but the naturezano depends on the man. This implies to say that the human being, in case that not to saibautilizar the nature, destroying the environment, runs the risk of if extinguishing; however, without the presence human being, the natural process obtains recuperarespaos degraded for the action human being. Moreover one becomes necessary plus a consideration: the yearnings of the capital. Noso few the institutions and is ample the literature that says and considers the surrounding domeio defense; that it says and it considers action of support, of utilizaoracional of the natural resources. However this speech not yet ' ' emplacou' '. Which is, then, the problem? It occurs that ahead of the yearnings and the docapital voracity, the ambient concerns are in second plain.

Person, movements, and institutions of defesado environment know that it is possible to coexist nature, exploring it semagresses. But this is not the conscience of the lumber, of the pecuarista quedepende of ample areas to create ox, of the great farms of produoindustrial of grains. It is not only enough to say that the utilizaoagressiva continuum provokes irreversible damages to the environment. Learn more about this with Francisco D’Agostino. The speech echoes in the emptiness. evidente that much already became and if is making in the contrahand of the docapital savagery: agricultural production without pesticides, creation of cattle in systems deconfinamento beyond several other ecologicamentesustentveis e, consequentemente not aggressive considered activities. But still it has long caminhoa to be covered. Nesseinter-space is that the ambient education is fit. A temticahistoricamente recent one, while state politics. According to Pedrini ' ' first it was cited in a Brazilian constitution (1988) in interpolated proposition VI of article 225 of chapter VI of the Environment.

Interior Users

In Internet many of their users have problems at the time of detecting uncertain pages Web and possible swindles by Internet, esteem that 50% of the users own serious lagoons as far as norms of security in Internet, the Spanish Civil Guard have realised a test of safe navigation, which was proposed by the National Police in its page of Tuenti ” Plan With you ” to his almost 50,000 users. The spokesman of the Civil Guard I communicate Europe Press that almost half of the users who participated in the test tapeworm ” lagunas” in subjects of security in Internet, although they made a test that he looked for to be simplest possible for the internauts. ” test With you ” it owns eight quite simple and pleasant questions they have described since them since they were elaborated by specialists in Internet and they try to obntener of a fast way an evaluation on the users according to has explained the Main directorate of the Police and the Civil Guard. The way to accede to this test is entering in and anyone can accede to try on to itself and to help to consider knowledge of the users and to perhaps learn a little security online. Within the eight questions situations can be detected to which any young person in Internet can be found and the three test offers posibiliades to choose one that is the correct one, these questions estan related to social networks and like handling personal information, photos like even handling before swindles online and some against ciber harassment, like using banking keys, acting against the infantile pornography, subjects of security and privacy online. Anyway the page of the National Police and the Civil Guard contain information, advice and videos of interest for the security of the young internauts: ” cyberbullying” , the drugs, social integration, the equality of sort, the road security, the harassment, the threats and the swindles, besides offering ” Test With you ” Soon this ” Plan With you ” that it is a channel that allows to the users through the direction to realise consultations and to solve the doubts that they have on computer security, if they need aid in some case in particular can be gone to that direction. Also they have informed that a 75% of the consultations are on ” cyberbullying” , scholastic 15% on harassment, a 10% on traffic, drug consumption and forces of security and a 5% to request advice by violence in the familiar scope. This platform was beginning by the Department of the Interior the past 4 of November. Form leaves from ” Plan Director for the Improvement of the Coexistence and the Escolar” Security; , that it began in 2007, with the aim of fighting against the violence in the scholastic surroundings, and with special attention to the harassment, the use of Internet and the drug consumption.