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As in a large dishwasher, in addition to the main program there are a few more programs, including the cost – for lightly soiled dishes, soaking – for heavily polluted and the program window washing at 30 C. To deepen your understanding Darcy Stacom, New York City is the source. With small size and roominess board dishwasher copes with its task. However, in a family of three or four or more people, preferring homemade food hikes in a cafe or restaurant, such a model would include after each meal. For a more rational use of energy, water and detergent is more convenient to buy the car floor at 6-8 or (If the family is very large) to 9-14 place settings. Under most conditions Darcy Stacom would agree. Include such machines is enough time in the day, providing a pre-load.

Class of washing, drying and energopotrebleniyKak and washing machines, dishwashers, too, have different classes of washing, drying and energy consumption. These characteristics are denoted by Latin letters from “A” to the G. The highest grade – A, the lowest – G. Now in terms of energy manufacturers offer models three classes: A, B and C. D, E, F and G are considered uneconomical and prohibited the production and importation into the European Union. Thus, considered the best machine on ekoleyble which noted the aaa, which means that all three parameters dishwasher match the upper class. Efficient washers also save energy include modern dishwashers and water savings. According to this index, they are divided into high-efficiency (14-16 liters of water per wash cycle); sredneekonomichnye (17-20 liters of water per cycle), gas-guzzling (26 liters of water per cycle).

Auto Power Control

Has the ability to mix in a bowl up to 0,5 kg of flour (1,5 kg dough). Bosch mcm 5300 – a powerful processor (700W) for true gourmets. Has 24 () function, 4 speed and pulse function and the function of 'Duble Action' – that allows to overcome the potential 'bottlenecks' at work. Net capacity bowl 2,4 l, which allows you to mix in a bowl up to 1 kg of flour (2 kg dough). Volume Blender – 1.5 liter. Opportunity complete with a knife for french fries – mcz 1PS1. Rowenta. Container for storage of accessories is very compact and is conveniently located at the bottom.

The system instantly build els helps to quickly and accurately collect the grain. If you are familiar with the beautiful series of household appliances 'Cucina' Dutch concern 'Philips' – then you will appreciate the food processor Philips hr 7727 'Cucina'. This powerful (700W), an elegant instrument will become a real decoration of your kitchen. His distinguishes electronic adjustment speed, cut the cord, the ability to wash all the accessories in the dishwasher. There is a box for storing four CDs.

Blender has a cover. If you spend a little time in the kitchen, but appreciate the dishes yourself, or you still can not afford a large grain, your choice – a great budget model series 'Somfort' Philips hr 7600. This little processor has all the essentials and even a pulsed mode. As well as the storage box accessories and attachments that fully justifies the title of the series. The package also includes a booklet with recipes and instructions for the preparation of various dishes. Krups. Function 'Soft Speed Control' – a smooth change in velocity rotation, which eliminates rasbryzgivanie fluid with whipping. The automatic power control 'Auto Power Control' allows you to expend less effort when kneading dough. Key 'Bayonet' fixes the position of head combine. If you try to change the head position during operation, triggered automatic power off function. If the position of the combine does not match the chosen nozzle, grain is not turned on. Tefal. Working bowl has a special cover for storage in the refrigerator. German quality and reliability were embodied in the magnificent processor Braun K 700. It has a universal cup for 3 liters (working volume 2n) and a small working cup to 1 liter (working volume 0.75 l). Also, the standard Comes with attachment for slicing potatoes for french fries and potato pancakes! Braun K 750 model that features a low noise level. The standard kit includes a nozzle for precise cutting, which allows to obtain slices with thickness from 0,5 to 1,8 mm. This model can also be separately supplied with juice extractor for vegetables and fruktov.V principle, almost all harvesters shall complete attachments for French fries and potato pancakes. Good choice!