My Family

A popular and much-loved brand, "My Family" continues to please us their new products. Very soon, except for shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and creams, "My Family" will appear on store shelves for each line of cosmetics family member, "Pearl Series" household pleasing for its quality and packaging design, and a huge range of products for the home of slippers in the bathroom, tack in the kitchen to the bedroom curtains. Each hostess will possibility to get home space in the same style for every taste. Since 2007, the branding company "Geling" is the selection of domestic manufacturers who wish to produce their products under this brand. Number of participants the project has long exceeded the first ten. And this, indeed, worthy of the company.

In general, these key players markets such as textiles, cosmetics, household chemicals and related products. Capabilities partner companies in the development of the range, distribution and advertising produce a well-deserved respect. Project participants have found it necessary integration of these capabilities to a single massive market entry and decent employment positions. For this purpose, branding the company "Geling" and organized the first Conference of the practice partners in the project, "My Family" in a segment of non-food. The conference was held at a country hotel Raivola Leningrad region. Organized a meeting to order BC "Geling" full service advertising agency "creative workshop".

At the big table discussed the range of products and advertising plans products and their promotion. In addition, raised issues of pricing and distribution of megacities and the regions of Russia. Following the meeting, this year plans to expand the range of nearly 1,000 SKU. Evaluation opportunities and brand partnerships, allowed to define as one of the tactical objectives of the project the production of goods both one and multi-vendor single collection. In joint work on the collections will be cooperate not a design studio project partners. In addition, an agreement was reached to expand the opportunity for cross-support products to other products of the same collection, and beyond. So it was decided the construction of the "strong points" of the brand in the cities of one million. The idea is that in every city on the basis of one million loyal to the brand and have proven their worth wholesale companies will create a kind of representation. According to Maxim Chichvarina, CEO of branding company 'Geling', it forces the companies will address issues relating to both the promotion and implementation of centralized distribution of the project. In the advertising area was made a key decision to create a single massive moving products across Russia and the formation of consolidated advertising budget. Time to market will be carried out in the bottom, and middle and upper segment of the mass – market, and as a result, every product will find its buyer. At the end of the conference for establishing a warm informal relationships conducive to mutually cooperate further organized entertainment. It was another step in the structure of Russia's largest family brand.