That Are Going To Make Venezuela Our Country Is This Weakening

The only thing we can do is to entrust to God every day that fill us with optimism and patience, you’ll see that the job opportunity that we both wish to soon arrive us. So we are in this country. Unfortunately there are no opportunities for professionals. The truth is sad. Also I have friends who have gone to USA, London, Spain, because here in Venezuela is becoming increasingly more difficult landscape.

It is the situation in which the country is regrettable us young professionals that we want to move forward to the country, does not give us opportunities to develop the potential that we have. It has created a culture of conformism and the trash that will be hard to reverse in the coming years. The idea is to stay and work for this country, this evil will not last 100 years, friends and friends positive mind, when there are new ideas and continue driving a new private economic apparatus, this country can stay afloat and be one of the best in Latin America, through no fault of the leaders just give us faith this is our homeland. Messrs. must be persevering! God squeezes but no hangs! We must be prophets in our land, of heart I tell them might go them that it is true that things are not fine, but outside in a foreign country very badly, we are latinos and the rehazo and abuse in European countries there is at every moment.

Unemployment and neglect is worldwide, must be taken into account, good luck and success to all!. It is true, rejection and racism is still present, but it is very sad that you reject and you abused in your own land, thing that happens here, l as people are looking for is security (in every sense) that grew. Do finally clarified them that here there is no respect in this country there is no culture of any kind, we’re going to do let’s wait 50 years as Cubans? We will lose our youth hoping everything improved? Could you give a solution, read the text and answer the questions. Waiting for your answer Atte Gabriela Toro original author and source of the article.