The Bathroom

He went to the bathroom and when he returned reported them that it dared not to move out of the House because she feared that he had urgent need of a toilet and had no hand. Mabel replied that not to worry. -All we will stay to make company – she told him with a kiss on the cheek. -Was a simple walk in the park that was planned, we can leave it for another day – had said without giving it any importance. Ester begged her to please not to do that, since she would be very bad to know, through their fault, would waste that beautiful and sunny day on Sunday. – But MOM, if you’re not feeling well, it is better that we are by your side.

Do do- and so? – had told his mother – I’m going to accompany the bathroom when you need it?-added. -Is that you never complain about anything. I am concerned that you do not feel well. You had so much joy with the preparations for this trip that it saddens me to leave you alone at home. That, without having in It has that you might not feel good and need help-.

-Sure, that’s possible – replied Esther,- but is arranged very easily. If I need help, I will call them to mobile. Go to the Park and enjoy, please. Do me not rogar it again-. Alex told Mabel that her mother was right in what was saying. -It is a wonderful day, we do not lose the ride. I want to take you to lunch at this restaurant that you like so much. Ester will call us if you need us and we will come running-. A little Mabel reluctantly accepted. Alex took her to the Park, and such as had his father, invited her to sit on a bench.