Canine Rescue

There are currently a total of seven instructors, officially certified Canine Rescue in Disasters, Method Chest, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. In Andalusia, cities such as Jaen and Almeria do not yet have one rescue dog team (in capital or province), to intervene in case of loss of collapse / s for any reason where occurrence of the possible burial of people who require maximum speed to detect in time the location of possible survivors buried and able to carry out an effective rescue them. Should be noted that every year there are collapses of buildings in various parts of the Andalusian, usually by structural failure or explosion, but also must bear in mind the latent risk of suffering at some point a level of intensity in any destructive frequent earthquakes and unexpectedly affect inevitable the territory of the region, as has occurred for example in 1884, in Arenas del Rey, Granada province earthquake claimed more than a thousand victims, causing the collapse of approximately four thousand homes that involved the burial of numerous people and would have required urgent intervention as the first search and rescue, detection and tracking half provably effective, if not, obviously, would and would, on the contrary, the death of the same, whether for clinical reasons based on time elapsed or accidentally by an indiscriminate harmful debris removal.. .