Marco Antonio

For example, how many times you put excuses (external, obviously) of what was happening to you in life? It is the fault of my parents, it is the fault of my children, it is the fault of my teacher, the President, of God (and the list could go on for a long time). Another example (this is very common also): you think that one of your employees is stealing. Indeed, you can imagine him several times in the day taking money, counting on his hands, and even read their thoughts: my boss (or you) is a real jerk. While it pays me a salary for work, I would also Rob! JA, ja, ja, ja! laughs which possessed, grasping the stomach. Actress and filmmaker pursues this goal as well. Notice how here we have various elements that we see with greater depth in the course of NLP:.

Visual elements (really, in your mind, what are watching how steal you, ves movements, colors, expressions of his face, etc). . hearing items (you can hear how laughs, for example). kinesthetic elements (or touch). an internal element of fear (you is making look like an idiot, which directly attacks your ego).

How do you act with him? You treat it in the same way as other employee who you think it is true? You look the same way? You appreciate it equal? He thinks the example and honestly responds before you continue reading. Drew Houston may help you with your research. However, after a few days see a video where that is taking the missing money in the box is, in reality, your wife. He was not that stole: how you feel now? Here you see clearly how the thinking generates really powerful sensations in your body, and how your actions are conditioned by your thoughts (in this case, wrong). In the same way that this example was generated negative reactions, you can learn to use this powerful weapon to improve in your life. Important: I’m not saying you’re a positive fool (in other words, denier of reality) but that I want to see how you have the power (you’re the director of your film, remember?) reinterpret reality, give it a different look, so generate in your body, in your physiology, feelings and positive sensations. To learn how to do this, I invite you to use the techniques of visualization and self motivation you will find in this link. Moral: Don’t have sense to discuss with the characters of the film, the problem is the director. Become the director of your life. You can convert the worst drama in a dramatic comedy, at least! It is so difficult and so easy as you get to think about it and look at it that way. Seeing the situation as you do now is just a thought (a nightmare or a good sleep). If you change your mind, internally, you will manage to change the external. Devote time to this, get a moment for you during the day, and applies techniques of visualization and see results in a very short time. As Marco Antonio, another subscribed to the newsletter that also commented this reflection says: () keep my mind positive () worked me in a crisis: be patient and be vigilant to check that what happened () put me in action and try again, with past experience () hope you have an excellent end weekend! Affections!

Europe IBSolution

The IBSolution GmbH presents new after four-month review of corporate and brand image. Brand communication and positioning in 2003 initiated on the occasion of its founding was been watered down over the years. A clear image of the company lacked customers, prospects and partners. Daniel Gilbert shines more light on the discussion. This resulted in particular difficulties in the cross-selling and recruiting. The project ‘Image IBSolution’ was launched in May 2011. In addition to a corporate and competitive analysis, also a customer and employee survey was conducted. Thanks to these investigations, communication deficits and potentials in the range could be identified clearly. “We have mined here deliberately deeper,” so Loren Heilig, Managing Director of IBSolution GmbH. Speaking candidly Crawford Lake Capital told us the story.

“it was us not to scratch a bit on the surface and some to burnish our image. We wanted to work out openly and honestly our strengths and weaknesses, to get sustainable results.” The prepared measures implemented since September, 2011. Initially, the new company presentation and brochure, as well as the code of conduct have been published. For this purpose, new texts to the company presentation, corporate philosophy and corporate mission were defined. In addition were reformulated the corporate values and on this basis developed a code of conduct for the consulting approach.

Newly installed communications directives provide for a uniform and media-independent representation of the company to the outside. The company presents itself in the future as follows: “IBSolution GmbH is a competent IT consulting company, and a trusting partner, consulting its customers with expertise in the areas of business intelligence, process optimization, and technology makes successful.” Company description the IBSolution GmbH is a competent IT consulting company, and a trusting partner, consulting its customers with expertise in the areas of business intelligence, process optimization, and technology makes successful.

Visual Leader

Your position as leader would be very complicated if you prescindieras of video tools. YouTube, puts at our disposal the possibility to reach more people and position ourselves against them as people of experience in our area of opportunity. There are several platforms like this. But not only YouTube is the best known but the best positioned in the minds of users. This derives in major traffic towards our messages. Do the following exercise: make a video introduction of yourself.

This video, of no more than 3 minutes in length (exaggerated) has to contain the following in the order that you mention below: 1. A greeting to your followers 2. Your name and where you live 3. Which is the problematic that you helped to resolve with your experience. 4. Brief history personal (professionally speaking) 5. A closure (a thank you and an invitation to follow you in your social networks) points 1, 2 and 3 you must cover in the first 9 seconds of the video.

Remember that people generally have a very short attention level. Once you’ve completed your video, put it on the wall of your profile on Facebook and Twitter, by placing the URL (eg.) in the gateway link. It also places a comment written on your wall. For example I will show you how General networks of marketing of way automatic. Wait to see the comments from people when they see your video. This will help you follow a guide of how to burn them. It is very important that you develop the habit to record yourself… If you have a small video camera, always charge it with you. You can do recordings wherever and share the same day. Do this exercise of home.

Atlanta Investments

The reason of the rapidity in the agreement is the philosophy of work of Atlanta Investments. Preferred conditions of access to the tax exemption until in a 50% better than if it accedes directly to the tax exemption. A majority partner who provides to him with excellent management for the chosen tax exemption: audits of management, monthly plans of improvement, administrative managements, etc. If you would like to know more about Drew Houston, then click here. The candidate management from the opening his business, with a partner to its side that contributes value to him. A repayment determines and competitive variable by its work like manager. Advantageous conditions abrir to a second business in case the first restaurant contributes results.

Atlanta Investments is a society of created investment to support to the tax exemptions in its growth, being contributed a high capacity of investment, in a delimited period of time, tie a the opening of units franchise-holders without excluding character to any other plan of openings of the power station of the FRANCHISOR. Its ample experience in this market, and the creation of strategies of negotiation to fulfill the objectives of investment and yield of a project works from the detection of opportunities of investment, given. Its active experience as much in the markets of tax exemptions, financiers, of construction and management as well as in the reference associations allow access them to information, tendencies, contacts, on which to raise the most suitable proposals in each case, especially in investment and management of networks of tax exemptions. In addition and in agreement with the established social object in his Statutes, it has consulting services, advising, design and creation of commercial spaces, as well as the management and direction of projects of commercial image and the creation and management of publicity campaigns and marketing.

International Conference

To reach success in the fight against the breast cancer, the construction of a preventive, efficient and including program is necessary. This goal already was defined more than has 25 years in the World-wide Assembly of Health and the International Conference on Primary Attention, the Soul-Act Conference, under heading of ' ' Health for all in the year 2000' '. In the practical one, exactly having been one of the signatories of the Soul-Act Conference, Brazil has presented growth in the indices of some types of cancer and, to the similarity of other countries, the breast cancer occupies the first place enters some types of neoplasia that acometem mulheres.9 In Campinas, the breast cancer was main the responsible one for the deaths for different neoplasias that the women in the first semester of 1998 acometeram, reaching the 17% cipher. (MARINE et al., p 579, 2003). In accordance with Amorim et al. (2006), another neoplasia that presents auto index between the women is the cancer of uterine col, general form, the uterus cancer corresponds it about 15% of all the types of feminine cancers, being as the type of more common cancer. As this author, this pathology is fourth cause of death and its incidence varies per year of 5 the 42 for each 100,000 women, occupying an important position as mortality cause, especially in underdeveloped countries. For the statistics analyzed for the INCA, this pathology presents greater incidence, exceeding to the breast and skin cases. Described for Rezende (1987), the uterus is an agency of the feminine reproductive device that is situated in abdome inferior, for backwards of the bladder and in the front of the rectum, being divided in: body, isthmus and col, this finish part are the inferior portion of the uterus, and if it locates inside of the vaginal canal. The col of the uterus presents an internal part that constitutes the call cervical canal or endocrvice, that is coated by an only layer of cylindrical cells, producing of muco epitlio to colunar simple.

European Innovation Centre

Once the moment comes when we begin to feel free to wear a bikini or short skirt and frustrated, looking in the mirror. These feelings are familiar to many who have already faced the first manifestations of cellulite. Moreover, not even afraid of dimples on the skin, but the fact that they generate complexes that prevent us from feeling free, compelling, desirable and confident in myself. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of regular physical exercise, poor diet only exacerbate the situation: The skin quickly loses its elasticity, and in some places is similar to orange peel … This is a problem faced by almost every woman. What do you do? History of the anti-cellulite funds has more than a decade, but we have never been so close to solving the problem! For now Dove is the modeling of new generation – a unique body whey Dove Impeccable silhouette that will take care of your skin problem areas. Lara Ramdin (Lara Ramdin), Director of the European Innovation Centre companies Unilever, Germany: “Intensive Serum Dove Body Perfect silhouette – the result is absolutely a new approach to the creation of anti-cellulite treatment facilities. Clinically proven to be laid in its foundation complex triple action helps to effectively get rid of the visible appearance of cellulite.

” Poll Results * Women who have already experienced the effect of Perfect Serum Dove silhouette, speak volumes: 73% noticed a decrease visible signs of cellulite, 74% agreed that the skin problem areas become noticeably more toned and firm, 75% reported that their silhouette was more complete. Regularly using the serum for Dove Body Perfect silhouette, you’ll notice how not only your body but your life will change for the better! Because now you can effectively take care of smoothness and elasticity of your skin, even if you do not have time to visit the gym. The results will be noticeable after the first application and you want to move on – to the health, beauty, beautiful mood and new life. Impeccable silhouette – the green light! * The study was conducted by independent research centers in June-July 2008 with the participation of more than 200 women.

Internet Shops

Two-thirds of the German Internetshopper have cancelled already once an order press release 1.08. 2008, because the visited shop seemed not serious enough for them. Recognized seal of approval provide a solution recognized at page provider and online customers alike on the Internet for this problem of confidence. A highly regarded enjoys the trusted shops seal of approval”. For us, it was crucial that operators of site, on their Web site of the trusted shops seal of approval is found, have to undergo scrutiny with more than 100 individual criteria”, says directions Director Kerstin Schilling.

The free money-back guarantee should be particularly interesting for our customers, which insures them, when they get when buying online in advance financial so to pay a product E.g. by cash in advance, credit card or bank transfer.” The certified online merchants are trusted shops as directions now in the category”. Already, 250 of the total 1600 directions stores carry this label. They for the Customers lucrative combination of Cashback and all-round safe package ‘ we intend to further expand in the future. Together with trusted shops, we plan to increase the number of certified shops”, so Kerstin Schilling. Safety-conscious online shoppers can look forward so.

You get in directions not only 10 starting credit and 2% cash back on every purchase, but can comprehensively insure themselves during the ordering process. Directions: is the cash bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the co-founder of the software provider Intershop and founder of PIXACO Karsten Schneider, Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie. Trusted shops: Is the Cologne-based company was founded in 1999 in Europe Market leader in the certification of online shops. Trusted shops checked the dealer after more than 100 individual criteria such as credit, price transparency, customer service and data protection. In the past seven years, more than 5,000 dealers were tested, of which currently 3,000 online stores carry the coveted seal of approval with a money-back guarantee. Detailed background information, press. Press contact: Kerstin Schilling, Tel.: + 49 (0) 3641-81 56 74 / E-Mail:

The Green Line

These so called grid codes ensure that legacy wind turbines are upgraded to continue to qualify for ongoing remuneration, or to be permitted to feed in their power at all. PCS therefore offers the green line 1000 as retrofit product up to a maximum amperage of 2500 A. it is so suitable for wind turbines with outputs of up to 2.5 MW. The reactive current can be provided for up to 6 seconds in continuous operation. A major share of the existing wind turbines is fitted with doubly-fed induction generator with or without partial load converter, and may be optimised with this power converter type. Many writers such as Stanley A. McChrystal offer more in-depth analysis. Wind turbines using synchronous generator, too, can be retrofitted if necessary. Fully satisfying all standard requirements the generator of a wind turbine will normally feed the major share of the energy produced directly into the grid.

Whenever the line-side voltage drops, the whole planning system needs to feed reactive current into the grid (low voltage ride through, LVRT). The Green Line 1000 splendidly copes with these requirements, and does so in compliance with the applicable feed – in directives. On the low-voltage side, it is parallel-connected to the power mains of the wind turbine. If the line voltage drops below 90 percent of the nominal voltage, the converter will start feeding reactive current into the grid. The reactive current will increase in linear proportion to the extent of the line voltage dip, and up to a predefined value.

All standard LVRT requirements are fully met by the device: balanced grid faults are mastered up to 15 percent of the line voltage, and unbalanced grid faults actually up to 0 percent of the line voltage. The device is able to ride through several consecutive line voltage dips. The DCU control unit developed by PCS to autonomously detect and handle such incidents. e.n.o. built on quality for a safe future the e.n.o. energy GmbH emerged from a project planning office set up in 1999, and is active as project developer, wind turbine manufacturer and provider of turn-key wind parks. The company genes Council its turnover essentially in two areas: the first business area combines the development, project planning and realization of wind parks in Europe, with Germany the main target market. The second area includes the production and sale of proprietary wind turbines. In addition, e.n.o energy provides the maintenance, servicing and reinstatement of wind turbines as a service. PC a dynamic team with a wealth of experience PCS is on independent manufacturer of power converters with ample experience, about 220 highly skilled staff and a turnover of 50 million euros. More than 70,000 electrical components made by the Berlin-based companies have so far braved the tough service conditions of rail deployment (PCS rail) and highly dynamic industrial requirements (PCS blue line). Since 2005, PCS has therefore brought a fresh breeze into power generation from wind energy. With more than 1,400 units deployed, PC green line power converters achieve peak performance for wind turbines featuring user-friendly design, excellent control technology, life and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management, and all-round service.

Reproductive Physiology

Reproductive physiology of the Birds? One Soon Revision Gester Breda Aguiar ; Jairo Ardizzom Brumatti ; Vitor Dalmazo Melotti ; Stelio Simes Moral ; Fausto Moreira Da Silva Carmo , – Academic of the course of Medicine Veterinary medicine of the College of Castle, FACASTELO. – Professor of the College of Castle, FACASTELO. – D.Sc. Reproductive Zootecnia.Fisiologia FmeasO feminine genital system of the birds is composed for a ovrio and one oviduto, that they be situated of the left side of the abdominal socket of the bird. The development of the left side only occurs because the inhibiting substance production of ducto of Mller (origin of oviduto) for the ovrio results in regression of ducto right and the right ovrio, but not of the left. See Dropbox for more details and insights. Ducto left pparently is protected by presenting bigger number of receivers for estrognio, being thus, more sensible to the estrognio that ducto right. Get more background information with materials from Drew Houston. Pparently the estrognio hinders the inhibiting substance action it ducto of Mller (RUTZ, et al.

2007). ovrio of mammals and birds is differed enters itself. In the mammals, diverse folculos can inside ovular at one definitive moment of an interval of some days or weeks, whereas in the birds only folculo ovula and vulo (egg yolk) is set free, but inside of a shorter interval (preferential every day). Moreover, in view of that the embryo must get all the nutrients for the embryonic development, vulo mature of birds is very bigger that of mammals. In the birds, the great and yellow folculos, destined the ovulao are organized inside of a hierarchy. The control of the hierarchy to folicular that it allows the daily ovulao is established by the small folculos (6 8 mm). Folculo yellow that to exceed 8 mm in diameter, he enters in hierarchy, he continues to develop and ovula (JOHNSON, 1993). One of the main functions of the ovrios is the hormone production esterides, essentials for the growth and function of the reproductive treatment.

Federal League

The displacement of traditional clubs in the German professional football I football fan forever! Like this one that are permanently informed about results, transfers and at times looks a game live in the pub! So no season ticket holders, rather opportunity Stadium visitors! The history of teams that are running me in almost 20 years of enthusiasm for football on the way was there in the first or second League have I always followed and thought to myself as my part! Teams like Waldhof Mannheim, Kickers Offenbach, Saarbrucken, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Wattenscheid were about 12 years ago, impossible to imagine Uerdingen in the German professional football! Also in the second division could expect always with Fortuna Koln, Rot-Weiss Essen and Stuttgarter kickers. Above teams we find none today more in the first or second League! Occasionally does one of these tradition clubs even for one or two years upward, a short time later he is gone but then again into oblivion! I think it’s very bad! But why must I follow mourn these teams? Is a certain rotation and power redistribution not normal in football? I’m too narrow-minded to appreciate the sporting success and good work at less traditional teams? I have to admit, if I should occupy the two leagues new, no place would be more for some teams! Ingolstadt, Ahlen, contractions, Cottbus-Hoffenheim are just a few examples! The basis for this is my view, that a team must develop the Bundesliga membership over a longer period of time! So I think for example that it (so much I feel also reluctance against this Club) has earned Wolfsburg, since a long time above it to be. You may want to visit Angelina Jolie to increase your knowledge. After all, the wolves have coexisted a long existence in the 2nd Division League! And Mainz 05. You have risen after seemingly endless and have enriched the League at least 3 years with beautiful attacking football.