Atuel River

Rich Mendoza geography offers countless possibilities and natural settings for the practice of rafting, with all possible degrees of difficulty. On the scale of danger, for the practice of rafting courses are classified from I to V, more simple to difficult and dangerous. The fantastic rafting in Mendoza is that there is an abundance of all stages, thus offering scenarios both for those who are starting in rafting, for those who come especially to Mendoza in search of greater challenges. In Potrerillos, Mendoza River there is an ideal setting for family rafting, which can be practiced from the age of seven. This stretch of the River is very safe, providing all the guarantees, even for those who have no experience in this fantastic activity.

The Botes carry up to 10 passengers, which safely, after having tested the turbulence of the waters, will no longer be the same. Most importantly, meet the Guide’s instructions and follow the rules of Security. It is also possible to do rafting in Cacheuta, located about 38 km from the capital city. Here the river has a higher difficulty level, but in Cacheuta there are a lot of attractive irresistible for a day of fun and relaxation. The cacheuta village there are services to tourists as proveedurias, restaurants, and other local excursions that complete a beautiful picture for those who decide to visit the place. Other excursions that involve the practice of rafting can be with outputs of up to two days. Thus, it is possible to visit bridge Uspallata in Potrerillos, about 60 km from the city of Mendoza.

In this stretch of the River, the level of difficulty is moderate or difficult (III or IV). The Canyon of Atuel, of incredible natural beauty, lends itself to the practice of rafting. Nihuil is only 73 km from San Rafael and constitutes the starting point of this expedition. Constitutes the end point big Valley, a winding path along a natural Canyon of stunning grandeur. In addition, in Nihuil there is an artificial product of a hydroelectric dam lake situated. It is feasible to here other water sports as the kayak or jet ski, windsurfing or sailing. Rafting in Mendoza is a sub tourist industry that boasts an important development of infrastructure, which gives all the essential services for tourists looking to spend an unforgettable holiday in a privileged environment.