Vendida Telephone

I felt of close the drama lived for my beloved friend, my will was to bring it for Brazil and finally to as much oppression. Since the beginning the excess called me attention horn in the transit. Exactly without having no apparent reason to the order it seemed to be ' ' buzine' '. Until I arrived to think that the horn functioned as a code of communication between the local population. The vendida beer at the time in the Cairo was without alcohol. The foreigners only could buy in the supermarkets by means of presentation of the passport. Revolt against Mubarak version 1.986. That morning me seemed to be one morning festive.

It had much agitation in the streets, a distinct climate, an extreme movement of cars and people beyond the famous horns. I was there in varanda observing and imagining that it dates festive he would be the Egyptians commemorating? As foreign not being in its familiar environment to the times what we see our front can in them pass a false impression of the facts, and was accurately what it concludes when the telephone touched He was my husband alerting to me so that it prevented to leave house and that it only made it to search a friend ours that did not have telephone in house, would have rumors that was having great tumult in the center of the city (at the time it did not have cellular). Ours! I thinking that it was a party! How mico! When going down of elevator and reaching the street in front of the building, some police women if had approached to me. Until I did not find odd there, therefore in that place always h/dia had 24 policemen, to give to guard to a neighbor ours that was protected of the Kadafi (of the Lybian).

The Deposition

But what the young does not perceive it is that these ways are destroying some values of they themselves, until the namoros are happening through these medias. Opposing the idea of the young, one Sir believes that with the deposition of this young, it understands the reason of the loss of these values, therefore, it does not have plus that time for the family and yes to have fun itself with these ways that already are taking the place of the family. Being able to affirm that this is a great factor of this cultural loss. The majority of the interviewed parents believes that these values are being lost inside of the group of friends, therefore, creates new rules and customs to be able to coexist in group, leaving of side those lived deeply in the familiar group. Certainly they will go to prefer to follow of its group of friends not to be known for the too much members as ' ' careta' ' , that still it follows the customs and traditions of the parents. However, some parents believe that they also are sinning, already do not take off themselves plus that time to only dedicate themselves to the children as its parents took off. He does not have plus that dedicated time for the colloquy in the end of the day, even though to make the together meals. With this acceleration of the media and the medias, the young is always wanting to follow them, in virtue of this runs behind working more to get more, many times return for its home in the end of the day or the end of week. Therefore with all these changes, we affirm again that they occur changes inside of each culture, and that from these changes &#039 created others; ' new culturas' ' being formed from the knowledge, customs, beliefs, rules and laws brought of the familiar group.