Coaching, is taken by a person having as we talked sometimes, knowledge to treat the topics in which he has specialized, however, there are differences between what a coach and a mentor, in what each provides and where the limits, your help or far becomes involved with the person who asks for his help. Although it may seem the same, there are simply differences that make us see that they have to be seen in a different way and also, expect certain things from each. Because although they are both people who try to help us succeed in our goals, each works differently, a coach with a system or strategy, a mentor with experience, without having a fixed method, because it is not a person who specializes in helping their parents, rather, it is a person who transmits a knowledge without any implication that he knows how to do it, which engage with the person that motivates or if you do, you can do so without trying to understand human behavior or work with the personality of the person. Such details are those that differentiate a coach and a mentor, if you want to know more, I invite you to my blog for personal where you will find the rest of the article: differences between coach and mentor..