When our life is in then harmony we are ready to realise wonderful changes of life, it is necessary that all our being is oriented with our desires, that will allow us to reach the appropriate energy level so that the goals become a reality. You must make use all senses in direction of his desire, is necessary to speak, to listen, to feel, to think and to observe to obtain a wonderful synergy that it allows to a high degree of motivation and that him will turn into magnificent actions that will cause great results. In the book I AM HAPPY, I AM RICO of ANDREW CORENTT you you will discover great secrets that will allow abrir their mind him to the abundance and to discover the great power that is in its interior, when doing use of their true then faculties a life of success in all the areas of their life will arrive. A point to begin with important to turn our goal into irresistible is to have an enormous desire to obtain that goal that we are defining, that desire must be translated in actions, thoughts and feelings associated with the materialization of the goal as the secret of the power of the goals mentions Andrew Corentt in its book. In this book you will learn you form appropriate to solve to the internal conflicts that they prevent him to achieve his objectives, then you you will act as if you were in autopilot. The law of the attention makes reference that one in which we focused with much energy will grow in our life, for that reason is important to focus attention on our result, to think day and night about our change, to constantly see events, activities, people and circumstances associated to our goal, to read and to think continuously about that great intention that we have drawn up, of that way we will unfold an enormous energy, able to realise unimaginable efforts because our idea will be recorded in our subconscious mind.