Natural Resources Consumption

Designer next to company must prevent the extreme consuming of natural resources, in general particular the explored ones for mining. It must also prevent the resultant residues of the process of manufacture for indifference in the stages of planning, stage this where it is necessary to think the use of the product, its discarding mainly as for the extreme production of packings (CASAGRANDE, 2004). Conclusion designer possesss the ability and capacity technique of the visual construction, if being valid psychology, cognition, linguistics, semiotics among others resources interdisciplinares to promote the communication visual. But if it makes necessary to think beyond the tecnicidade, to reflect stops beyond the marketing coercion that even so some companies think about support, still has a long way of radical changes in the disruption of dominant consumista thought, the globalization. We must think about the importance of the visual alfabetizao as resource, that is, the capacity of clarity of the visual communication not only of matrix aesthetic, but functional so that if it creates a change of behavior and quality of life. ' ' The importance of this so simple fact comes excessively being neglected for long time.

Visual intelligence increases the effect of intelligence human being, extends the creative spirit. One is not only about a necessity, but, happily, of a promise of human enrichment for futuro' ' (DONDIS, 2007 p.231). Visual, proportionate intelligence for a correct visual communication on the part of designer, takes the society to evolve, if to become capable to act with social and sustainable responsibility. It is also necessary to be creative, to come innovative solutions. creative people had made this recombining what already it exists, without waiting for partner-economic changes. ' ' People who, of colaborativa form, it invents, it improves and manage innovative solutions for new ways of vida' ' (MERONI, 2007 apud MANZINI, 2008 p.64) designer, as a visual communicator, has in its hands the power to influence the society.


Japanese tragedy has already entered the free encyclopedia Wikipedia under the name Great vostochnoyaponskoe earthquake. Although the prescription of years somehow forgotten how in 1923 two thirds of Tokyo and Yokohama, almost all turned to rubble in minutes. Tsunami wave higher than 11 meters then, and killing more than 140 thousand people. But then, luckily, there was no nuclear power plants. Vskolyhnuvsheesya opinion somewhere in the depths collective unconscious, thrown onto the surface of a terrible version of the other. "Guilty" at the American unit in Alaska that invades the earth's ionosphere and thus conducts secret experiments on the countries of the victims. Or not without a floating platform in the ocean, which carries some underwater explosions.

There are more reasonable options: Japanese tragedy – the result of movement of the remnants of the ancient continent of Pangaea, located in Pacific volcanic ring of fire, which coincided also with increased solar activity. But the sun prominences does not indicate a specific scene, and "breaks where the fine." The fact that in March 2011 could tear the fabric of the Earth is in Japan, suggests the rhythmic model of this state – cosmogram. The existence of such a model – already protected scientific fact. And unlike other countries, for Japan, as well as for United States, much easier to form such a model, calculated on the day of foundation of the state, because this day is well known. In the book of the history of Japan's leading chronicle of the state since the Nara period (710-794), states that foundation day of the Japanese state is the day of ascent to the throne of the First Emperor of Japan – Jimmu (Jimmu).

Professor Jose Alfonso

The related law when defining the environment had the care to discriminate if not all the majority of factors that influence, modify and or degrade the environment, demonstrating that the environment is formed by a composition of some factors that they enclose since the area, biological, (involving the ecology), as the physical area, (energy, pollution), social area, (health, security); that is the law if demonstrates including, but it does not deplete, necessarily, all the definition of the environment and or foresees all the factors that influence directly and or indirectly in the environment, rank that with the evolution human being, technological, new factors, new necessities, has direct cause in the environment, either it, beneficial and or maleficent. According to CARLOS OAK GOMES, in its book: ' ' Introduction to the Enviromental law, pg.88, ' ' the Environment if constitutes through the historical process of conquest, occupation, domain and transformation of the space on the part of the society; is formed by the Biosfera, (nature in strict direction), the tecnosfera that is the set of utensils, that is, the transformation and conquest of space; the ecosphere that is the result of the relations of the alive things of the nature (Biosfera), with the physical and chemical constituent servant, (the Tecnosfera). ' ' The Professor Jose Alfonso Da Silva defines the environment as; ' ' the interaction of the set of natural, artificial and cultural elements that propitiate the balanced development of the life in all its forms. The integration searchs to assume a unitria conception of the environment; comprehensive of the natural resources and cultural. The authors as the professor Jose Alfonso Da Silva, costumam to divide the environment on three aspects, the artificial environment; cultural environment and the natural environment. The artificial environment is defined with the closed urban space that is the set of constructions and the set of public equipment as streets, green squares, areas, that is, opened urban space.

BH Shopping Water

For the second stage the widening of the tree-lined avenue and the creation of estacionamentos are foreseen, track of cooper and square of sports. It is suggested that the actions are immediately necessary and already initiatives of the most diverse sources are perceived, also for initiative of inhabitants, considering the gravity of the situation. In the measure where the occupation in the surrounding region still is absolutely increasing, it does not have as not to worry and to consider measured for eventual situations that can happen in this area. 5.2. Contamination of the ground In the region of Belvedere III, was kept a called square Square of the Dry Lagoon that, in function of the rainfall, stores water.

However, Blacksmith (2003, apud AMORIM, 2007), also places that the implantation of the Belvedere quarter determined the contamination of Dry Lagoon (Figure 4) e, consequently, of the basin of the Cercadinho, therefore this receives all the deriving pluvial water from the quarter Belvedere III and the BH Shopping. Amorim (2007) understands that the area plays important role in the captation and accumulation of the water, preventing the flood occurrence in the quarter. All the pluvial water of the quarter, also of the BH Shopping, is drained for the Lagoon and from there it passes to the Stream of the Cercadinho. Had to this subject to flooding characteristic, the place is considered undivided, inserted area in the zoning of the Managing Plan (Law n 7166/96) as ZPAM, Zone of Ambient Protection (Belo Horizonte, 1996). However, the area remains under private domain, what, for the author, the subject area leaves the occupation, therefore for being private area, takes care of to the foreseen constructive parameters for ZP1 (Zone of protection 1). However, the pollution that penetrates the ground by means of the launched pluvial water infiltration in the Stream of the Cercadinho characterizes serious an ambient infraction and of serious consequences in the quality of the water and the ground.

Nondestructive Methods

SPECIES SPAD Prunus Lusitanica Samples 1 measurement 2 measurement 3 measurement 4 measurement 6 54,7 62,6 54,7 62,2 Arbutus Unedo (medronheiro) Samples 1 measurement 2 measurement 3 measurement 4 measurement 6 51,5 44,5 47,6 44,3 Acacia Melanoxylan R. BR Samples 1 measurement 2 measurement 3 measurement 4 measurement 6 52,5 58,0 56,6 57,8 Pittosporum Samples 1 measurement 2 measurement 3 measurement 4 measurement 6 48,8 48 49 50,2 the loss of clorofila is the preferential and more easy characteristic of being evaluated to describe the amarelecimento of leves in senescncia and changes of color of fruits in matureness (Matile and Hrtensteiner, 1999, Hrtensteiner, 2006). Moreover, the change of color of the rind of some fruits occurs due to the accumulation of carotenides and antocianinas in the epidermis (Olmo et al., 2000; Agati et al., 2005). The technique of the fluorescence of clorofila was used by Lai et al. (2007) to analyze main metabolic the secondary ones produced in the epidermis of tomatoe fruits during the matureness, that had verified marcante change in the standard of pigment composition, with gradual degradation of clorofila and increase of the concentration of carotenides until the phase of complete maturation. Conclusion The species Prunus Lusitanica presented greater text of clorofila in all the measurements. Bibliography Baker, N.R. (2008) Chlorophyll fluorescence: Probe of photosynthesis in alive.

Annu. To see. Plant Biol., 59:89 – 113. Hrtensteiner, S. (2006) Chlorophyll Degradation During Senescence. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol., 57:55 – 77.

Lai., Santangelo, E., Soressi, G.P., Fantoni, R. (2007) Analysis of the main secondary metabolites produced in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mill.) epicarp tissue during fruit ripening using fluorescence techniques. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 43 (3): 335 342. Matile, P., Hrtensteiner, S. and Thomas, H. (1999) Chlorophyll degradation. Annual Review Plant Physiology, Molecular Plant Biology, 50:67 – 95. Olmo, M., You swim., Garci’a, J.M. (2000) Nondestructive Methods you the Evaluate Maturity Level of Oranges. Journal of Food Science, 65 (2): 365-369. Saquet, A.A., Streif, J. (2002) Chlorophyll fluorescence a predictive method will be detection of browning disorders in ' Conference' pears and ' Jonagold' apples during controlled atmosphere storage. Agricultural science. Saint Maria, 32 (4): 571-576. Taiz, L., Zeiger, E. (2004) vegetal Physiology. Santarm, E.R et al. (Trad.). 3 ed. Porto Alegre: Artimed, 643 P.

Nobel Prize

The universe, with a crazy-density (1094 g/cm3), concentrated in the "drop" should contain equal amounts of matter and antimatter, which in such a small amount would not be able to avoid a deadly encounter. In addition, in view of the newborn universe as a "drop" laid a paradox. If the universe was once a drop, it is not infinite and eternal. If the density of the "drop" was sverhyadernoy, but not infinite, but the amount of matter in the world is also not infinite. If the matter is not infinite, then it is not eternal. And if it is not eternal, it means that the matter had beginning. If it had a beginning, it means that it had created a kind of intangible force a word, not by chance a growing number of scientists rejects the Big Bang theory. So astrophysicist LM Mukhin compares with the Big Bang theory sword of Damocles hanging over cosmology.

Nobel Prize winner H. Alfven calls this theory "an affront to common sense." A doctor of physics and mathematics, SG Fedosin in his article "Problems of the fundamental physics and possible solutions ", says:" We have every right to say that the Big Bang theory claims to be the biggest myth in the history of physics. Generated by this theory, the problem of deadlocks and theoretical thought such that the only radical way to get rid of them is the rejection of the theory itself. " Rather, adherents of the Big Bang theory are feeding on its protection, because nowhere to retreat, "behind – Moscow!".

Environment Ambient

to leave of the alluded conference, carried through in Sweden, many initiatives aiming at to the ambient questions, they start to gain space in the whole world. Important a proposal appears in 1987, intitled Our Common Future, or, as she was known: ' ' Brundtland&#039 report; '. This document was elaborated by the World-wide Commission on Environment and Desenvolvimento (CMMAD), organism consisting of 21 countries, under the presidency of Prime minister of the Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland. According to this report, ' ' the sustainable development is that one that takes care of to the necessities of the gift without compromising the possibility of proper the future generations to take care of its necessidades' ' (CMMAD, 1988, P. (Not to be confused with Delta Galil!). 46).

This report also presents aspects on the ambient degradation approaching causes and effect, considers international politics how much to the economic, social and ambient aspects, with objective to search the compatible economic growth with the preservation of the nature. According to Martins (1995, P. 46): ' ' The interests of the underdeveloped countries are identified, where the sustainable development directly appears related with the problems of the poverty, satisfaction of the basic necessities, and a specific approach with regard to the feeding, health and moradia' '. The necessary economic growth to support itself in practical that they conserve and they expand the base of environmental resources. Such growth is absolutely essential to mitigate the great poverty that if comes intensifying for the most part of the world in development. CMMAD (1988, P.

30): The consuming of the environment frequently was considered the result of the increasing demand of scarce resources and of the pollution caused for the improvement of the standard of living of the relatively rich ones. But the proper poverty polui the environment, creating another type of ambient consuming. To survive, the poor persons and hungry the many times destroy its proper environment: they knock down forests, they allow the extreme pasturing, they exaurem lands delinquents and they are a refugee in number each bigger time for the cities already congested.

Natural Environment

However the aohumana can be so voracious and to place at risk or to provoke the extinguishing of algumaespcie of coconut palm. potentialities of the environment are simultaneamenteamplas and at the same time they point with respect to great limitations. Noseremos the first ones to affirm that the man depends on the nature, but the naturezano depends on the man. This implies to say that the human being, in case that not to saibautilizar the nature, destroying the environment, runs the risk of if extinguishing; however, without the presence human being, the natural process obtains recuperarespaos degraded for the action human being. Moreover one becomes necessary plus a consideration: the yearnings of the capital. Noso few the institutions and is ample the literature that says and considers the surrounding domeio defense; that it says and it considers action of support, of utilizaoracional of the natural resources. However this speech not yet ' ' emplacou' '. Which is, then, the problem? It occurs that ahead of the yearnings and the docapital voracity, the ambient concerns are in second plain.

Person, movements, and institutions of defesado environment know that it is possible to coexist nature, exploring it semagresses. But this is not the conscience of the lumber, of the pecuarista quedepende of ample areas to create ox, of the great farms of produoindustrial of grains. It is not only enough to say that the utilizaoagressiva continuum provokes irreversible damages to the environment. Learn more about this with Francisco D’Agostino. The speech echoes in the emptiness. evidente that much already became and if is making in the contrahand of the docapital savagery: agricultural production without pesticides, creation of cattle in systems deconfinamento beyond several other ecologicamentesustentveis e, consequentemente not aggressive considered activities. But still it has long caminhoa to be covered. Nesseinter-space is that the ambient education is fit. A temticahistoricamente recent one, while state politics. According to Pedrini ' ' first it was cited in a Brazilian constitution (1988) in interpolated proposition VI of article 225 of chapter VI of the Environment.

Worldwide Environment Day

The World-wide Day of the Environment was established by the General meeting of United Nations in 1972 marking the opening of the Conference of Estocolmo on Human Environment. It is important that all the people are intent for everything what occurs to its side. Ace times run-runs, it daily finishes hindering to look at around and to contemplate how many things need our attention and extreme care, as our environment. All year is celebrated the WORLD-WIDE DAY OF the Environment, to increase the awareness of what we can make to preserve the environment. Some ways exist to commemorate day 05 of June, as for example: lectures, courses, folders for awareness of the population in general. To make with that the people if involve in the ambient questions understanding which the best attitude to be taken, therefore, generally we do not know what really we must make. In function of this, this special day was created stops in them stimulating the adoption of daily attitudes, that exactly small to assist in the protection of the environment. I believe that it is not so difficult thus involving in them day-by-day making some things in ours, until we know, but many times we forget.

In house of the one to save the water when we wash the face, brushing the teeth or making the beard without leaving the open tap wasting water. When washing the sidewalk or yard, instead of washing every day, keeping clean, sweeping and diminishing the days to wash them. To save in the hour to wash the car. When leaving house, erasing all the lights, disconnect electronic devices; therefore it goes to save energy and this reduces the pollution of air. When directing aggressively it increases the consumption of the fuel and effect gas emission greenhouse, we go to contribute with the environment, speeding up gradually and keeping a constant speed.

Also it is important to recycle the garbage, separating everything: metals, plastics, glasses. They are tips that in ours day-by-day we can make. If it will be to plant something, choice plants of interior that are good for the environment; they remove pollutants gifts in air. Choice plantar a tree also! It searchs information, when not to know what to make, therefore, the ones that are involved in the fight for the protection of the environment, will be able and to guide better and with more details. It makes its part, together, we fight for a better world! Kris Aglae Reserved Authorial *Direitos


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