Formentera League

And beer saved Formentera scientists are clear: the only way of generating real knowledge is through the scientific method, and the best methodology: the experimental. For those who have not heard much about this method I will explain with an example of what is essentially. Let’s imagine that we have two rats (also serve as guinea pigs, apes, or any other animal of the same species) and much better if they have precise genetic material, IE twins/ACE. The two animals grow in the same environment, eating the same and both are perfectly healthy. Controlled variables (inherent in your own mouse) internal, and external, i.e. environmental conditions, one of them is decides to give him an experimental drug which, for example, it is believed can make lose appetite the animal that ingests it. If after taking this drug, the animal begins to lose weight and eat less, and the procedure is repeated enough, can be derived that the substance effectively manages somehow affect what Note our nervous system that controls hunger. Although this is quite simplified, the idea is this.

All matters called Sciences come to the scientific method of face get truths and be able to predict the future, the natural sciences have it easier to be able to manipulate plants or substances more easily; in the social sciences, or in those where the object of study is the human, the thing is quite more complicated due to the ethical conflict that can be derived from this. However, and although it is impossible to establish direct relationships between causes on other effects, it is sometimes impossible to say no to the impact of an event on something or someone. It is very difficult to understand how it is possible that while in all the Balearic Islands hotel occupancy rate has fallen more or less, but has fallen, in Formentera it has gone up nearly two points. We were even more perplexed when checking that the Italian tourism, the main transmitter of visitors to this island, has dropped substantially while his job market has covered it Spanish, market that in other areas has dropped dramatically. Undoubtedly Ibiza hotels look puzzled and a little envious to this evidence as many rarities are too many to be a coincidence.

For me, and even if you don’t have scientific evidence that hold me, the answer lies in a television commercial that has been running this summer several times and that promotes an alcoholic drink, in this case, a brand of beer. It is quite likely that you already know what brand stables talking and have seen the announcement and even the catchy tune by making them tatarear tuning without realizing it has glued them. The action a boy takes place in Formentera, and 20 seconds young man who reaches only Formentera League nothing more enter, the batch is given with a pivon, dancing, nothing, splash, anyway he passes it on pipe. Always served with a cold beer of the brand in question.


This bacterium is sensitive to common disinfectants, then he shall especially treatments and disinfections that CosemarOzono made periodic onsite at risk. As we have documented and provided in different pubicaciones of a technical and scientific nature, ozone is one of the most effective disinfectants and that just even with the spores of Bacillus subtilis, the resistant form of the more resistant bacterial species. Bordetella bronchiseptica is considered a parasite of various species of animal respiratory tract. M Gowan in 1911 described the discovery of the germ in huron, monkey, goat, Guinea pig, rabbit, cat and dog and also announced that it had isolated this bacterium in an employee who had handled rabbits and Guinea Pigs. In 1943, Phillips in Canada was isolated in pure culture from bronchial exudates of pigs. During all these years of research of this kind, the prevalence of infection has been especially high in pigs, dogs and ecumenical (Winsser, 1960, Smith, Baskerwille, and Bronthwell, 1982).

Also has been found to affect other species such as rats, mice, rabbits and other (Good and May, 1971;) DEEB et al, 1990). She has also been involved in respiratory in immunocompromised individuals and nursing, as well as staff that has kept close contact with sick animals; Although it is not considered an antropozoonotico microorganism (Bauwens et al, 1992). In terms of laboratory animals, it has shown that this bacterium is capable of affecting the vast majority of species, mostly rodents, Lagomorphs and canines among others. A curiosity: the species of this genus only attacking humans is the B. pertussis, whooping cough causes. Mar Calvo Perez CosemarOzono. Pol.Ind. the Cascajal in Pinto. C/little Bustard n 2, 18 and 19 ships.

Aid Decoration

When decorating a house the choice of colors tends to be a headache, even more if the House again is use, i.e. that is freshly made and there is nothing in it that can inspire us. We need to start the project from scratch and display furniture that we want together with decoration in general and of course painting. It is a difficult decision but we must start somewhere. To lend us a hand, at least as far as paint refers, found Ambitentes Simulator, Bruguer.

Its use is very simple just have to enter and select the style with which we want to decorate, the more similar to what will be our House first. Then choose a stay to decorate (e.g. living room or bedroom), and behind him a color to integrate as main decoration. As a point, say that depending on the type of decoration will offer us a different color palette, thus, for a rustic decor dominated the soft tones with presence of beiges and colors earthy, although there are also other colour combinations, such as for example the blue. On the basis of the color that we have chosen, they will show us a series of combinations that can be applied to the image that we see. Each selected color is accompanied by technical data, such as tone, the collection or the number, then we will provide to go to the nearest store and ask for the desired tone. In this way we can get an idea of the final result, although it will not be exactly equal. More in 2.0 decoration.

House Decoration

Today, room tends to share space with dining room, this is a distribution mandatory for places in which it seeks to optimize the spaces, in addition, these are the most important House social environments, because here is where visitors are received and shared moments of divers ion with the family, why must be special care at the time of the decoration of these places. Four fundamental aspects that must be taken into account to achieve an excellent decoration may be clearly seen in images: the COLOR protagonist in these environments is the target in two of its shades; This color is generating an appearance of amplitude. In this case, contrast colors give it room and decorative objects arranged in the dining room and the main wall pads. DISTRIBUTION of furniture brings the self-conception of minimalism, simplicity and functionality, i.e., it involves very simple forms, a very limited number of accessories, basic geometric shapes and neutral colors. The furniture includes materials such as wood, leather, glass and steel for specific details. TEXTILES is one of the key points in this decoration. The Japanese Panel, cushions and upholstery fabric combine and create balance among themselves. Fabrics should bring freshness to the spaces and invite relaxation, therefore mostly used light colors like white or ivory and textures like linen and leather. Walls prevents all embellishment that is more, why used a work of art that predominates by its high artistic content, what is striking in its colors and harmonic beauty generated in environments.

Argentina Republic

The Argentina Republic is glorified with multiple luxury hotels, truly sensational, which are positively capable of competing with the most luxurious hotels in the rest of the world. Hosting in Argentina service level is generally higher in comparison with the majority of other Latin American destinations; in this country, it would be difficult, for example, find services lower as regards catering services. Also, the number of places for the choice of the user goes from exclusive hotels and fine stays, to multiple lavish business hotels. In particular, see the industry of accommodation in Argentina due to their characteristic excellence. Luxury hotels underlying elegance and class, either by its impressive structure for their sensitive services. also of being awarded these impressive performance by parts of the most majestic hotels in the country, you can count with magnificent nature that characterizes to the Argentina, per was.

If your stay is for business, You may additionally count with auditoriums, reception rooms and related services; performed with distinction and good taste. The luxurious hotels are defined by an oasis of luxury, relaxation and culture; In addition its exquisite decoration produces a delicate blend of classic luxury with a touch of glamour. then, it noted that the so-called hotels five stars or hotels of charm, delight your customers with impressive decorations of furniture, amenities and materials of the highest level. In regards to the gastronomic service in the luxury hotels, can be noted that they have a world-class conjugate to regional delicacies. These services are the finishing touch that complement a splendid stay; and seek, igul, satisfy the most demanding tastes of their clients.

We could observe, then, will that once you find is installed in a hotel stars have, immediately, with any desire that it be provided with. The hotels of the highest level, you can enjoy with pleasure, relaxation and well-being. You will also find all the excitement and action you need to rejoice in an unforgettable stay. Do not hesitate about the quality of the hotel to choose, keep in mind that this will depend on your comfort and relaxation. Your choice, must undoubtedly be based on their deepest desires; and in this sense is that luxury hotels, will surely satisfy them completely.