The enthusiastic look of a child when telling is so incuo its dreams! But this world is one capcioso, in such a way austere one. Since the reality only determines as onrico, something prominent excessively to be real. Unhappyly, the Perspicacious reality makes with that everything is blackish, the point not to believe more our dreams! ' ' Mother, I want to be astronaut! ' ' The children in the decay process learn with the words of the family saying to them that it was impossible, but never were! ' ' She never leaves that they say that valley to it the penalty not to believe the dream that if has, or that its plans never go to give certain, or that you never go to be somebody! Who always believes reaches ' ' Meeting in the simple verse of the song of Russian Renato, an incentive to follow, to look the happiness, the accomplishment In the words meeting the comfort of the unreal one, my moment of the purest hallucination! One day I will go to present my dream, and to say to who doubted my potential, that I obtained ' ' impossvel' ' through mine dreams that I became reality! I, also go to reveal Subtle!.