Coming Close To A Girl

You can be with fear for two simple reasons, 1 the face you value excessively the girl and 2 expensive is not valued, only imagines how much this can be bad. Before if approaching to a girl it is of good with you yourselves, is felt automotivado, confident and firm, therefore it believes, the girls has faro refined for this. Drew Houston may also support this cause. The other point is on valuing excessively the girls, is not saying to treat them bad, but simply to treat them as to deserve, if it will be intelligent says this it, it does not only fall in the error to place it in a pedestal and to be saying things of the type: you are pretty, you you are excessively, you are wonderful, do not make this. She stops to before create expectations exactly of speaking with the girl, therefore they only confuse you, remember, you cannot foresee what she goes to happen, then do not create expectations. Source: TSI International Group. The possibility exists to take not, after all cannot please to all is not same, then in case that it happens, it relaxes and it leaves for the next one, and it has in mind that when one woman says in them is not alone it who loses.

Ellen Langer

Harry Potter and the Relics of the Death blew up in the cinemas, recently, gaining much money in the ticket offices around of the world. This makes in them to think: She will be that a magical word exists, as the ones that Harry Potter uses, that I could use to increase my possibilities to convince somebody to make what I to want? Perhaps well, recent studies can answer our question. The following scene imagines. You are waiting in the line to fotocopiar some documents for its head (you simply do not hate to wait). How you would convince the people in its front to leave you to go first? Social psychologist Ellen Langer and its colleagues had tested this accurate scene in a social experiment in 1978.

They had tried to make phrases with its order in three ways: – I can use the machine of Xerox because I am with haste? – She forgives me, I have five pages. I can use the machine of Xerox? – She forgives me, I have five pages. I can use the machine of Xerox because I have that to make some copies? The first order (asked for together with the reason) had success with 94% of the people to be left to pass in the front of them in the line. As asked for it only had a tax of 60% success. Although it can be logical to conclude that the expression ' ' because I am with pressa' ' it was the reason for this difference in the success taxes, Langer showed that this was not the case. In the third order, it was used word ' ' porque' ' e, after that, reaffirmed the obvious one.

The third order had a tax of 93% success. The magical word is ' ' porque' '. The people simply like to have reasons for what they make and seem that the word ' ' porque' ' , she set in motion an automatic reply of ' ' objects of estudo' ' of Langer, exactly when it did not have no reason to agree to the request. You remember when you age child? Or perhaps, you have children in house? You perceive that the children, or until you yourselves when she was child, use the word constantly ' ' porque' '? Perhaps unconsciously the children are capable to perceive the power that the adults give word ' ' porque' '. Now that you have the key, go in front and try to unblock this fixed programming in the people! Perhaps some times the key does not function, but it does not discourage, it continues trying other methods of persuasion and you it will have success.


The enthusiastic look of a child when telling is so incuo its dreams! But this world is one capcioso, in such a way austere one. Since the reality only determines as onrico, something prominent excessively to be real. Unhappyly, the Perspicacious reality makes with that everything is blackish, the point not to believe more our dreams! ' ' Mother, I want to be astronaut! ' ' The children in the decay process learn with the words of the family saying to them that it was impossible, but never were! ' ' She never leaves that they say that valley to it the penalty not to believe the dream that if has, or that its plans never go to give certain, or that you never go to be somebody! Who always believes reaches ' ' Meeting in the simple verse of the song of Russian Renato, an incentive to follow, to look the happiness, the accomplishment In the words meeting the comfort of the unreal one, my moment of the purest hallucination! One day I will go to present my dream, and to say to who doubted my potential, that I obtained ' ' impossvel' ' through mine dreams that I became reality! I, also go to reveal Subtle!.