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Secondly we have to do is to make sure that the information received is correct, so we will have to verify that the jewel is duly proven, the contrast is the application of the guarantee mark, after the analysis carried out for that purpose by official laboratories, as proof of quality and suitability of the analyzed products, according to the provisions of law 17/1975 of 1 July. So therefore all gold piece should be contrasted, so we will reject any jewelry that does not have the guarantee mark. Well the Act exempts from the obligation of contrast in the own piece, to those jewels which by its small size or its design could be damaged by the same brand. In this case we should demand the contrast on a plate or additional sheet. This is the way to check that we are really buying a gold jewel. But when it comes to setting the price of a gem involved other much less objective factors such as your brand name or design, so the price of similar parts can vary significantly from one establishment to another, it is therefore advisable to visit a number of them in order to establish what is the price that we will consider just by the piece that interests us. In this sense Internet makes it very easy, so comfortably and without leaving home, at a time when we can see lots of necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and compare their prices. In addition Jewelries online, also known as Jewelries or virtual shops offer us the advantage of more competitive prices than traditional retailers, therefore not having to bear the expenses of structure of these, can offer us more reasonable prices; its main disadvantage lies in not being able to see the jewel live, therefore it is advisable to buy only those online jewelry covering us our money if once received, we see that purchased jewel does not meet our expectations. M Jose Herraiz Dpto commercial all in jewelry online original author and source of the article