Water Tarot

About woods the mallet of the Tarot consists of four woods, each with a different message. Glasses – This it is considered related to the emotional loads and the romantic life of that consults to the Tarot. Always associated at the element Water of the philosophy of the school of Aristotle, this wood of glasses always points at the affective capacity and the characteristic money changer of the emotions. Learn more on the subject from Jim Crane. Pentculos – Also call discs, is equivalent to in the Tarot to the Earth. It is the symbol of the economic security and the prosperity. Swords – It aims at the intellectual level. It reveals contexts of injustice and subjects that occupy the thought of the consulting one and his styles of reasoning. Coarse – In Tarot, it is the wood of the originality and the tendency to risk.

Each wood of the Tarot has its own characteristics. If these characteristics will be positive or it does not depend, logically, of the person and her context. Then, coarse it accuses ardent desire and optimism, that can be appropriate tendencies in certain circumstances; but negative in others. Glasses, in Tarot, mean diplomacy, but also they can have a dark side and show to introversin and vanity. On the other hand, the qualities of the swords generally have to do with desapasionamiento and .reasoning; although of as much in as much arrogance and spacing speak of. Something analogous happens with the typical manifestations of discs: the individual is concrete, meticulous and capable; but it can show his less pleasant aspects: obstinate or intransigente and ordinary. About the court the game of Tarot, from its origin in the Average Age, continues alluding to a society of Cuts. Each wood includes to the king and its queen, a horseman and paje.

When the king arises, he means that there is certain authority or dominion in the area of his wood. To the king, as he is usual between the men with being able, they interest the results to him. The queen adds a holistic side and they matter to him plus the relations that the results. The riders are somewhat immature and rather inclined to the exabruptos in the characteristics of the wood at issue. They are totally full of forces; but usually they are undulating. The countrymen in the Tarot represent the form to face life that shows the adolescents: adventure without exigencies, where the rules, there are when them, are changeable. If you wish to explore more, in the Web site you will find detailed information about the other group: the arcane Majors. Original author and source of the article.

The Horizon

It thinks about which gustaria you to be, in which gustaria to have to you, in which gustaria to conquer to you, you do not limit yourself, It thinks about great. You can begin by imaginarte that these in a beautiful lake very morning, you only are, sights to your around and people do not exist, only the water of crystalline blue color, only the horizon, the vegetation that surrounds to the lake: You feel the air on your face, on your body and then tries to breathe that air that arrives at your face. Darcy Stacom often says this. While these to the border of the lake you see far as a dolphin begins to play giving ropes outside the water, listening the sounds that it emits of joy. The dolphin wants to draw your attention, you please to him, this trying about divertirte.

After several ropes in the air, the dolphin submerges within water and it leaves where closely together your you are, salutes to you with his head and it gives the welcome you to his beautiful paradise. When being closely together of you, you crouch yourself to caress its head, headresses its skin, is smooth and something rasposa. The dolphin is let caress, emitted joy sounds and it moves away very contented losing itself in the horizon. You remain with the joy of to have known a friend, to have dice to him feliidad to a creature just by to him to have caressed the head, At the same time you were part of that happiness, Because you discovered that it is always going to exist somebody who this looking for your affection, your understanding, your love and without needing no material thing. That moment lives intensely, That you felt when you caressed to the dolphin and I smile and you to you movio the head in agradecimento signal. That you felt at those beautiful moments?

The Pair

That is to say, yes she is the woman the one that has the power of decision with respect to the money it will choose to contract a person helps who it in those important workings that considers But is the man that she has the necessity to see itself portrayed in all sides will decide on the photography equipment How the problem will be able to be deduced is of the interests so diametrically opposed that they have both members of the pair. Who chooses by anyone of the options always one will feel disappointed, angry, and suffered .puesto que feels that its pair, does not include/understand its needs and in the reality, does not include/understand them, because they finally leave from different, different interests and, in the general, they are covered first, those needs, of the pair that has major spending power, or better entrance we say, that one that has the money All economic situation is always taken to other scopes of the interaction in the pair, eg: the extensive families the children the times in which it is reversed in time of the pair the sexual relations does not exist a prescription unique, each pair, needs to find the balance of the power, the conflicts, the money, and to draw for every day, and at every moment its situation Is essential to touch the subject of the money not to generate resentments and understood values that after all, nobody includes/understands When imbalances in the form exist to confront the money problems, generally, exist difficulties in privacy of the pair, not only in the sexual aspect, but in of the relations and the one of the privacy, also feelings, resentments, and reclamations arise in private when the problem of the money has not clarified the handling of the money is an important source of conflict in the measurement that no both parts are taken into account, only those that correspond to the supplier Nevertheless, the other part of the pair also has important contributions eg: time, effort, understanding, and care, but that, apparently, it does not have repayment, in the silver terms the subject of the money is delicate, and more in a while like the present one, in that both members of the pair, they contribute for the sustenance Is important to realize which are those factors or situations that they impel to us to make of the handling of the money a situation of being able or of privilege Is essential to recognize what does the other part of our pairs although does not contribute money, because perhaps, we are able of to make generate the money, because in another scope of our lives order exists, calidez, tranquillity, stability, congruence, security But that we did not value in psychological economic terms but But as he is not measurable in which materially we can provide. .


It does vegetable screening, conserving the juice Dressing gown the vegetables, and soon mezclela in vegetable juice It returns to warm up, to ripen and to serve Even diet to thin express: Chicken to Curry Ingredients 1 spoonful of oil 10g of butter 3 crushed teeth of garlic 1 onion median 2 spoonfuls of spices 1 teaspoon of worn out coriander 1/2 teaspoon of dry mint 570g of chicken cut in fillet pieces 200 ml of water Method It warms up the oil and butter in wok. It adds garlic and the onion and sofria during about 5 minutes until the east onion sea bream. To mix in spices, the coriander and the mint. To add the chicken and to cook during 5 minutes, revolviendo occasionally. To add the water, revolver and to cook to untimed fire without covering by 10-15 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the sauce have thickened. It is careful with the temptation that can feel to add dressings to these diets to thin express. If it applies these two prescriptions as they were mentioned and it is part of its diet to lose weight, I assure to him that it will obtain very good results.

National Institute

According to the last data published by the National Institute of Statistic, the occupation in rural lodgings in Spain the past increased to month of February a 2.6% with respect to the 2008 and 315,887 reserves for this type of hotels were registered. These statistics demonstrate that the rural tourism becomes, more and more, in an option for which they look for to flee from the multitude. Being useful that approaches the bridge of the Second Passover, Expedia.es, the travel agency online leader in the world, proposes tempting prices to know towns close, sprinkled of nature and in places without agglomeration sign, like an alternative to remain in a hotel in Barcelona or one of the hotels of Madrid. Salmantino calmness in a privileged enclave the mountain ranges to the south of Salamanca hope to the traveller in search of tranquillity, and in them, are towns that have known to maintain to defense their traditions, landscapes and typical architecture good. One of them is Candelario, located to the feet of the Natural Park of declared Candelario Reserve of the Biosphere. This mountain town it is, without a doubt, one of the tourist centers of greater importance of the region of Bjar. With several centuries to its backs, still it conserves its medieval atmosphere, its old pavement, its spectacular forests and their famous inlays.

Expedia.es proposes to lodge in the small mountain hotel Five Chestnut trees, a good example of the rural tourism in Castile and Leon. The building, constructed in 1994, only has outer rooms with the purpose of to guarantee the best views of the Mountain range of Bjar. To only one hour of Salamanca, Expedia.es recommends to make a trip to visit the University, the House of the Shells, the Greater Place and the old helmet (Patrimony of the Humanity). When returning to the hotel, a dinner with typical plates of the locality can be a good form to finish the day.


It eats high fiber foods like bread and integral rice. They provide vitamins and iron to you. It has breakfast. Studies show that the people who have breakfast go to them better in the studies and have less on weight. It chooses small portions in fast meals. I do not advise the fast food but you are going to never eat you enlarge your stand for casks, even if the price is attractive, the unique thing that you will be winning is weight. You do not take tablets to become thin, they are very dangerous and they have indirect effect. It avoids to eliminate a whole group of meals, you can be losing of important nutrients.

Perhaps however what really Aljate of the diets works, you lose some pounds temporarily but you do not focus in changing your habits you are probably only going to gain the weight of return when you return to eat normally. I wait for haberte convinced dangerous, the harmful thing and deceptive that can be the thinning diets, nevertheless you can still have doubts by ” increbles” that usually they are seen in Internet. If you know that you deserve more and to see real solutions and results without damaging to your body and passing hungers, then a look a throws: FREE OF FAT. This Web contains a detailed guide of forms to thin express, that it step by step guides to you to burn fat in everything and to become thin, if you apply the advice, in only weeks, visits and begins liberarte of that fat and to burn your uncomfortable rollitos. BEAM CLICK to begin a HERE to have the body that always you dreamed. It is possible, although your situation says to the opposite original Author and source to you of the article.

Mentality of Wealth

You can say immediately if she has a shortage or wealth mentality observing the experiences of his life. Lesson #1 of the Law of the Attraction and the Wealth Its Mentality Creates Its Experiences the Law of the Attraction is activated by its mentality in other words, the things that you think, create and feels of regular way. Thus it is as it works: Their thoughts activate their emotions. Its emotional state emits a specific frequency of energy to the universe, and the universe returns events to him and experiences in its life, that correspond with their emotional frequency. When you think and feel positively of regular way, everything in its life begins to flow much more easy, including the money. When their thoughts and emotions incline more towards the negative side of regular way, you have more financial problems, reverses and shortage in his life. Also their beliefs are important. Their beliefs form the structure than it is possible for you.

If you think that you must work hard to obtain a pile of money, she will be creating that experience for same you exactly. If you do not think that she deserves much more that a certain amount of money, you will be blocking the flow. Whoever they are their beliefs, they are their reality, and you subconscientiously will create the evidence that supports that reality time and time again until it learns to make the things correctly. Error #2 of the Law of the Attraction in the Money To focus in which You Do not have Sometimes it has agonized by the lack of money? One has worried obsessively not to be able to pay its accounts or to buy something that you wanted? He creates it or no, you probably were making worse the situation to act of that way. We know that the deficiency is the condition of not having something you you want, in other words, the absence of something.